Checkerboard Squares of Gray

You can add some style and sophistication to your yard by creating a pathway using simple square pavers in different shades of gray. Laid out in a diagonal pattern, the pavers have a classic and smart checkerboard appearance.




Build Your Backyard Oasis With Pavestones

If you want to improve your curb appeal or add some style to your outdoor space, pavestones can help you achieve those outdoor design dreams. Read on to discover three ways you can incorporate pavestones into your landscape so that you can get the backyard oasis you’ve been fantasizing about.

1. Build a Patio


With the many different stone options and colors that are available, you can build a patio space that is completely unique to your home and your style as well as completely useful. With a patio, you have a designated space for the barbeque and outdoor furniture as well as outdoor toys and games for the kids.


2. Build a Gardening Space

By creating a garden wall or raised garden bed with pavestones, you can have gardening space that is permanent and aesthetically pleasing. Raised garden beds can also help grow healthier plants due to improved drainage, pest control, and accessibility.

3. Build a Relaxation Area

By stacking pavestones on top of one another and building a fire pit, you can create a focal point for your outdoor space. Amp up the relaxation factor by using pavestones to buildraised seating surrounding the fire pit, and you’ll have an outdoor space you will want to use all year long.

Building the backyard of your dreams is only a few pavestone plans away. For more ideas, design tips, and options for pavestone in Scotts Valley, please visit this website.